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Receive tooth extractions, bone grafts, and implants FREE from Simply Implants Institute

  • Now through the endow the year the Simply Implants Institute is offering 500 free dental implants clients. This includes free extractions, bone grafting and dental implant surgery at NO COST TO YOU. All you need to decide is what you want to put on top. Everything below your gum is covered by the Institute. What you decide to put on your new implants- above the gum line - is what you pay for.
  • CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY SCREENING. See if you are a good candidate for dental implants. Our goal is to get as many people as possible smiling by the New Year! Spots will fill up fast. Don't wait pr hesitate!


  • Unparalleled Care: The highly-experienced doctors who are taking part of the Simply Implant Institute Training will be guided by world-class dental implant instructors who are also doctors at the top of their field. Check out our patient testimonials to clearly understand the kind of care you will experience from the moment you walk in the door.
  • One-Of-A-Kind, Premier Dental Implant Institute: Arizona is the only state in the country that allows dentists at the Institute to learn the latest surgical techniques while providing you with the dental care you need to live a full and healthy life. Doctors teaching doctors. It's the doctors who pay to come to the school that helps offset the cost of your surgery.
  • Save Thousands of Dollars: The primary benefit provided to you as a patient of the SI Institute is that you have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars. The surgical procedure to place the implants can be expensive - but not if you are a patient of the Institute. The surgery, extractions, bone grafting and dental implants is covered by the Simply Implant Institute. The restorative portion - which is your new teeth that sit on top of the dental implants - is then paid by the patient. That's it. No gimmicks. No surprises.
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Our Mission -

Simply Implants Institute is a world-class training program for dentists to refine and expand their skills in restorative dentistry and implantology. As a teaching school, we need deserving clients/patients to partake in this symbiotic relationship between doctor and patient.

Our priority is always YOU and we aim to keep the process as simple to understand and keep you as comfortable every step of the way.

Patients at the SI Institute receive all tooth extractions, bone grafts and as many dental implants as needed - absolutely free. As you are aware, implants can be costly. At SII, our focus is the surgery. The restorative portion is done separately. However, the surgery is done with the restorative plan in place. In some instances, you will leave with temporary teeth in place immediately after your surgery.


No obligation. See if you are a good candidate for implants and see how much you can save! Spots are limited.


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